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Bridal Skin Care

Wedding season is around the corner and the stores are swamped for lehengas and jewellery shopping. But what about your skin? You can’t obviously buy a glowing skin with a note right out of your pocket.

So, what are few treatments you can get done to have your skin bridal-ready?

  • Refines your overall skin texture by cleaning the pores that are being clogged due to the dead skin cells.
  • It reduces your acne and prevents acne marks from stealing the show.
  • Lightens your hyper-pigmentation.
  • It clears all the open pores, acne marks and freckles hogging the space on your face.
  • It helps in brightening your skin tone by fighting the hyper-pigmentation.
  • We all have stubborn hair growth in places that are totally unwanted.
  • Laser Hair removal does the job for you by getting rid of the hair in places like your upper lips, chin, sidelocks, underarms, bikini area, arms, and legs as well.
  • Welcome your smooth hair-free skin with laser hair removal treatment.
  • Wedding is a tiring business we understand but do you want that reflecting on your skin too?
  • With Hydra-Facial you can stop worrying about dull and tired skin.
  • It maintains the hydration and retains the moisture in your skin.
  • This treatment includes using your own plasma for the production of collagen.
  • It rejuvenates your skin by destroying open pores and all the dirt on your face.
  • It provides you with a radiant and glowing skin as in addition, it also helps in reversing your sun damage.
  • It has proved to be an effective anti-aging treatment too.
  • They revitalize your skin and keep it hydrated.
  • They fight against sun damage and anti-aging.
  • It slows the maturing of your skin and improves overall appearance
  • Do fillers really live up to their hype? That question has crossed all our minds at least once and the answer is, they do.
  • There are fillers available for different areas of your skin such as lips, high cheek bone, jaw contouring, undereye hollowness, etc.
  • You will also start to notice how it helps you with anti-aging.

Few Important things a bride should keep in mind, in order to have a smooth skin are:

  • Consult with your dermatologist for a proper skin care routine and follow it religiously. Don’t buy everything you see on the internet especially, the marketing gimmicks.
  • Get your laser hair removal treatment done 6-8 months in advance as it requires time for your skin to be hair-free for the D-day.
  • Don’t fall for unsteady crash diets, you are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.
  • Only treatments alone can’t do wonders to your skin, in addition to that you need to make healthy life style changes.

Secret Hacks for your vibrant skin are:

  • Sunscreen is your shield. Always wear it and carry it like a weapon.
  • Do not try any home remedies for your acne or acne without proper knowledge of your dermatologist.
  • Follow a diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Make sure you get 8 hours of sound sleep every single night.
  • Work and move your hips! Exercise to keep your skin toned and healthy.
  • Avoid your sweet tooth, alcohol and smoking

Most importantly it is necessary for you to practice self-love. Mediation also helps with you a stable mind and glowing skin. Do not worry, nothing is going to rain on your parade.
Be ready to have all the eyes on you.